Understanding Callback URL validation for send OTP

Hello folks, I'm using this as my callback URL - "https://XYZ.execute-api.ap-southeast-3.amazonaws.com/v1/verihub-test" Now it works perfectly fine for SEND_SMS endpoint, but its throwing error for SEND_OTP endpoint - { "message": "Invalid payload: callback_url ensure this value has at least 1 characters", "status": 400, "code": 400 } I dont understand whats the issue here. Help is much appreciated. For reference the sample request body looks like - { "msisdn": "62111122222", "callback_url": "https://XYZ.execute-api.ap-southeast-3.amazonaws.com/v1/verihub-test", "template": "My otp is - $OTP", "otp": "1234" } Thanks, Arnab


What is the rate of FRR and FAR on face recognition and face liveness?

Understanf Premium attribute in message body

Hello folks, I'm trying to integrate Verihubs with our application. Here for sending the request, in the body it proves an option called "Premium". { "msisdn": "62123456789", "text": "This is text example", "premium": false, "callback_url": "https://some-callback-url" } Could someone help me understand the importance of it ? Like whats the difference when I make it true or false from the customer experience aspect and also if it has any impact on billing aspects ?

How can I verify my Facebook Business account?

To get full WhatsApp functionality, make sure you verify your business on Facebook by following these steps: 1. Go to Business Settings on your Facebook Business Manager and click Security Center. 2. Tap Verification and click Start Verification. Once you start the verification process, you can check the status in this section. 3. Enter your business details and tap Next. 4. Select the correct business from the list or “None of the above” if your name does not appear. 5. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm your business information. If you’ve selected “None of the above” in the previous step, Facebook will ask you to verify your company by sending additional documentation. 6. Decide how you prefer to receive the confirmation code and enter the verification code. 7. And that’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation from Facebook regarding your request. Notes: - The verification decision is entirely at the discretion of Facebook. If your business does not get verified this is out of our control. - Verifying your business on Facebook is not the same as getting an Official Business Account.

What are country currently supported for SMS Announcement?

What are country currently supported for SMS Announcement? Isn't it only support +62?

Callback URL

how to set Callback URL for OTP SMS?