Create your first flow

To create a new flow, you should first:

Step 1: After signing in to Verihubs Dashboard. In the menu option, scroll the menu to find Flow Builder, click on Veriflow and choose Flow. You will see two tabs : Your Flow and Templates.

Step 2: You can start to create a flow by select a template or create from blank canvas.

If you want to start the flow with a template, in Templates you can choose which template you want to use, and click on the button Use Template.

If you want to start a flow from blank canvas, in Your Flow you can click on the button Create New Flow on the upper right. A pop-up will appear:

  • Pick the Application Name that has been connected to your WhatsApp Business Account. If you don't have WhatsApp Business Account, please contact our customer success representative.
  • And then give your Flow a name. And click on the Create button. After that, it will redirect you to the Canvas.

Step 3: Inside the canvas, pick the Start Event to start the flow and drag the task you are going to use from the menu on the left. Add as many tasks as you need for your flow, and end it with the End Event task.

Ideally, you should first define what your complete flow will look like. That way it will be much easier to create the defined flow in practice.

Step 4: Once you are done creating a flow, click to Save your flow.

  • Save draft: save your flow so you don't lose it, but without publishing it.
  • Publish: save your flow and publish it.

Step 5: Test the flow by starting a chat to the WhatsApp channel.