Veriflow Terminology

When you start working with Veriflow, you might come across some unfamiliar words and terms. Here are some that you need to know:
A ‘flow’ is an automated workflow that performs an action or series of actions so that you don’t have to!
Start Event
Start Event is a ‘trigger’ of an incoming whatsapp message from a customer that kick-starts your flow. Every flow requires a start event.
A task is an individual element in a flow that performs a task.
Gateways allow you to change the way that a flow executes based on the conditions that are met. Gateways allow you to create different customer experiences based on information or responses that you receive from people as they move through the flow.
When using Veriflow, you might need to use ‘variables’ to personalize your customer experience. Variables are data values that you collect from customers, such as a name, a contact ID, or even an image URL.
End Event
End Event is the last step of the flow Every flow requires an end event.