Extract KTP (Synchronous)

Synchronous Extract KTP method helps you to recognize text in KTP image by blocking calls that do not return until either the processed has been completed or there has been an error.

You will receive a response consists of message and an error code if the request fails to process. The following is a list of error codes.

Error codeDescription
INVALID_PAYLOADNo value in payload or empty string more than 1
INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_SIZEImage size too big/too small
INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_FORMATImage unable to be decoded/got from url OR invalid image extension
MISSING_PAYLOAD_IMAGEMissing payload image
KTP_NOT_DETECTEDKTP not detected from image
INVALID_PAYLOAD_QUALITY_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_quality must be true if validate_quality true
INSUFFICIENT_QUOTAQuota for extract/quality is not sufficient to further continue the request (only appears on testing mode)
FAIL_ON_1Fail on quality
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORInternal server error
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