Sandbox - Send Whatsapp Session Message

This method allows you to reply to contacts’ messages within a 24-hour window in sandbox environment.

Callback Description

Callbacks requires the url to be filled on payload.

Example callback that we'll send

628001 is the only valid msisdn to use.

Any other valid msisdn format will be marked as a contact that is not registered on WhatsApp.

Currently there are 2 flows for SANDBOX callback:

Using 628001: sent -> delivered -> read

Using other valid msisdn format but not "628001": failed

session_idID of the specific message
statusLatest status of the request

Callback Status Description

0RequestedMessage has been requested
1SentMessage has been sent to Whatsapp server
2DeliveredMessage has been delivered to user
3ReadMessage has been read by user
6FailedWhatsapp cannot send Message to destination number
7Request ErrorVerihubs cannot reach WhatsApp
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