Detect Face Liveness

This method helps you to detect liveness from a face image


  1. Only one face exist in the image sent (Holding an identity card is not recommended).
  2. The face in the image must not be blocked by anything, i.e. take off masks
  3. No editing on the image.
  • prioritize for users to directly capture face image from mobile phone camera
  • do not compress or crop the image
  • do not add any elements to the image, i.e. padding
  1. Make sure the image have good quality (avoid blur & dark).
  2. Avoid backlight.
  3. Avoid taking image in a dark environment.

You will receive a response consists of message and an error code if the request fails to process. The following is a list of error codes.

Error StatusError CodeDescription
200FAIL_ON_2fail on attribute
200FAIL_ON_4fail on quality
200FAIL_ON_6fail on attribute and quality
200FAIL_ON_8fail on fail on number of face (nface)
200FAIL_ON_10fail on fail on number of face (nface) and attribute
200FAIL_ON_12fail on fail on number of face (nface) and quality
200FAIL_ON_14fail on fail on number of face (nface), quality, and attribute
400INVALID PAYLOADno value in payload or empty string more than 1
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_MISSINGinvalid payload image not a standard b64/url or image empty string
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_SIZEinvalid payload image size too large
400MISSING_PAYLOAD_IMAGEmissing payload image
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_TIMEOUTtimeout getting image from url in 15 seconds
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_FORMATimage unable to be decoded/got from url OR invalid image extension
400FACE_NOT_DETECTEDface not detected from image
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_QUALITY_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_quality must be true if validate_quality true
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_ATTRIBUTE_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_attribute must be true if validate_attribute true
403INSUFFICIENT_QUOTA_LIVENESSusage reach it quota limit for liveness (only appears on testing mode)
500INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORinternal server error
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