Sanbox - Delete Enrolled Face

This method helps you to delete enrolled image

The following table describes subject_id option to be used as input.

SUB_EXISTsubject_id exist in respected App-ID
SUB_NOT_EXISTsubject_id does not exist in respected App-ID

You will receive a response consists of message and an error code if the request fails to process. The following is a list of error codes.
Error codeDescription
INVALID_SANDBOX_SUBJECT_IDsubject_id not exist in image code sandbox
INVALID_PAYLOAD_SUBJECT_IDsubject id not valid / subject id is not found
INVALID_PAYLOAD_SUBJECT_ID_MISSINGSubject id payload is empty/null
MISSING_PAYLOAD_SUBJECT_IDSubject id payload is missing
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORinternal server error
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