Enroll Face

This method helps you to enroll image containing face.

You will receive a response consists of message and an error code if the request fails to process. The following is a list of error codes.

Error statusError codeDescription
200FAIL_ON_1fail on liveness
200FAIL_ON_2fail on attribute
200FAIL_ON_3fail on liveness and attribute
200FAIL_ON_4fail on quality
200FAIL_ON_5fail on liveness and quality
200FAIL_ON_6fail on attribute and quality
200FAIL_ON_7fail on liveness, attribute, and quality
200FAIL_ON_8fail on number of face (nface)
200FAIL_ON_9fail on number of face (nface) and liveness
200FAIL_ON_10fail on number of face (nface) and attribute
200FAIL_ON_11fail on number of face (nface), attribute, and liveness
200FAIL_ON_12fail on number of face (nface) and quality
200FAIL_ON_13fail on number of face (nface), quality, and liveness
200FAIL_ON_14fail on number of face (nface), quality, and attribute
200FAIL_ON_15fail on number of face (nface), quality, attribute, and liveness
400INVALID_PAYLOADno value in payload or empty string more than 1
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_MISSINGinvalid payload image not a standard b64/url or image empty string
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_SUBJECT_ID_MISSINGinvalid payload subject id is empty string
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_SIZEinvalid payload image size too large
400MISSING_PAYLOAD_IMAGEmissing payload image
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_TIMEOUTtimeout getting image from url in 15 seconds
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_IMAGE_FORMATimage unable to be decoded/got from url OR invalid image extension
400FACE_NOT_DETECTEDface not detected from image
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_QUALITY_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_quality must be true if validate_quality true
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_ATTRIBUTE_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_attribute must be true if validate_attribute true
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_LIVENESS_VALIDATION_DEPENDENCYis_liveness must be true if validate_liveness true
403INSUFFICIENT_QUOTA_ENROLLusage reach it quota limit for enroll (only appears on testing mode)
403INSUFFICIENT_QUOTA_LIVENESSusage reach it quota limit for liveness (only appears on testing mode)
500INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORinternal server error
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