Get KTP Extraction Result

This method helps you to get the recognition result of extract KTP asynchronous.

You will receive a response of your payload request which consists of message and an error code if the request fails to process. The following is a list of error codes of get KTP extraction payload request.

Error statusError codeDescription
400INVALID_PAYLOAD_REFERENCE_IDreference_id is too short/too long
404INVALID_PAYLOAD_REFERENCE_ID_NOT_FOUNDreference_id is not found / reference_id payload is missing
500INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORInternal server error

But, you can also received error_code in your successful request. This error_code indicates an error that appeared in processing the request from the extract-async method. The following is a list of error_code you might get.

Error codeDescription
FAIL_ON_1Fail on quality
KTP_NOT_DETECTEDKTP not detected from image
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORInternal server error

Effective 1 Sep 2023

  • Remove response: "blur_score" and "dark_score"
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