Sandbox - Send Whatsapp OTP

This method allows you to generate and send Whatsapp message containing one-time password in sandbox environment.

Callback Description

Callbacks requires the url to be filled on payload.

Example callback that we'll send

To obtain the appropriate response, the payload input must adhere to the predetermined scenario.

Input other than the scenario will be considered an Invalid Scenario

Response & Status Description

6282123060001Success Payload201 "OTP sent successfully" requested
6282123060002Bad Request400 "Validation error"
6282123060003Invalid Header401 "Authorization failed"
6282123060004insufficient quota403 "Quota insufficient"
6282123060005Blocked Msisdn409 "Msisdn invalid: msisdn has been blocked"
6282123060006Too Many Request429 "Too many request in the allowed time frame"


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