Send Bulk SMS

This method helps you to send sms containing desired text to destination number

Rate limit of 50 RPS is applied to SMS service. Verihubs also apply rate limit divided into several categories based on product. More explanation link

Callback Description

When you want to use callback_url payload, you only need to put for example

Example callback that we'll send
session_idID of the specific message
statusLatest status of the request

Callback Status Description

0RequestedSMS has been requested.
1DeliveredSMS has been delivered to destination number. This status will be charged.
4FailedOperator cannot send SMS to destination number
5Request ErrorVerihubs cannot reach Operator
7UndeliveredSMS has not been delivered to destination number (response received from Operator). This status will be charged.
8No Delivery ReportDelivered without Delivery Report from operator after certain period. This status will be charged.
9BlockedDestination Number has been blocked by Verihubs's system
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