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Then let's follow the next step.

The Application ID and Application Key (or to be called API Key) are needed to access our API. Or, if you want to try demo on dashboard at least you will have to have one. The settings for your services are also saved on the specified application ID.

Creating Application

After signing in to Verihubs Dashboard, click on Application menu on side bar. You will see two tabs : Sandbox and Production.


Tabs on Application

New Registered User

If you are a new registered user, you can only make Application ID on Sandbox mode. The Application ID under Sandbox mode can only be use in Verihubs API testing. If you want demo access or planning to go live, you can contact our Sales Representatives by clicking on the Contact Us button.


Application ID for Sandbox Mode


Existing User

If you are an existing user or have granted access for Production, you can create Application ID on both Sandbox and Production mode. Application ID on Production mode can be used for demo on dashboard or API (with limited quota) and to go live whenever you're ready to sail with us.

How to Make Application ID

  • Click +New Application button on the upper right.
  • Input a name for your application and click Add Now button to add your new application.
    Your application name will be created with an auto-generated application ID.

Application ID on Production


Maximum Application ID for each user πŸ””

The maximum Application ID for each user is 3 Application ID. When you have reached the maximum number you will not be able to create a new one. If in any special conditions you need more Application ID, you can contact your Administrator.

Generate Application Keys

Click on one of your applications you've made. The screen will automatically scrolled down into the application key bar. Input a name for your application key, and then click on Generate New Key button.


Generate Application Key

A modal will pop up with a Copy and Close button. You can click the button and the application key will automatically copied to clipboard.


Application Key


Important! 🎈

Once you click on Generate New Key it will generate a random auto-generated key that you will have to remember (or copy it in a note, of course!). When you click the Copy and Close button you will not be able to view it again.

But no worries, you still can generate another key when you miss one.


You're a step closer from trying our services.

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