Transaction Details

­čÄłTransaction Details

The transaction details menu will show every detail of your transaction in the table. The table will consist of the following data:

IDVerihubs auto-generated Electronic Certificate transaction ID.
Liveness IDVerihubs auto-generated Passive Liveness transaction ID that mandatory in the Electronic Certificate service flow.
Application NameApplication Name used to hit Verihubs API.
Reference IDClient generated ID to indicate your company's transaction. Must be unique per transaction. Verihubs will auto generate this ID if it left empty/non-exist.
Date SentTransaction date & time.
StatusTransaction status; Success transaction will be charged while Failed transaction will not be charged.
ModeYour transaction mode:
1. Testing mode is when you use your testing quota. This mode is quota based.
2. Live mode is not limited by quota. Live mode is usually used when you are ready to use our service.
Charged ServiceOn Certificate Electronic service you will be charged for 2 services: E-Cert & liveness (mandatory) with following scenario:
1. If your liveness is successful & e-cert is successful then the charged service will be: E-Cert, Liveness
2. If your liveness is successful & e-cert is failed, then the charged service will be: Liveness
Here is for more details.

You can also filter the transaction based on the following data:

Send DateRange of Date to limit the transactions shown on the table. Selectable transaction period 31 days. Maximum account transaction up to 90 days ago.
Application NameSelect Application Name which you want to filter
StatusSelect transactions based on selected status (SUCCESS or FAILED)
ModeSelect transactions based on selected mode (TESTINGor LIVE)

Don't forget to click on the Apply button to view transactions based on the selected filter.

The transactions can be exported into CSV or XLSX by clicking Export as CSV button or Export as XLSX button.

­čÄłTransaction Status

All transactions with response code 200 will be charged, with further explanations:

LivenessE-certLiveness ChargedE-cert Charged
executed, passedsuccessvv
executed, passedfailed to executexx
executed, failedwill not be forwarded to e-certvx
failed to executewill not be forwarded to e-certxx