Multiple Company Access

This new feature is released on July 2023, where your account may have access to several companies in Verihubs' Dashboard

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our service that will empower our users with greater flexibility and convenience. Previously, our platform allowed users to access only a single company within their account. However, in response to valuable feedback and evolving customer needs, we have implemented the Multiple Company Access feature, which now enables users to access and manage multiple companies from a single account.

The Multiple Company Access feature is designed to streamline and enhance your experience by granting you the ability to conveniently switch between different companies within our platform. With this feature, you can now access and work on multiple companies without the hassle of logging in and out of separate accounts or maintaining multiple credentials. It simplifies your workflow by consolidating all your company-related activities under one unified interface. Seamlessly switch between companies, view and update company-specific information, manage transactions, and perform essential tasks, all from a single account.

To start accessing this feature, you will need to be invited by the existing administrator of the other company through Company Access and "Invite a member".

After you accept the invitation by clicking the provided link, you can check on the top right corner dropdown under your account and see the companies you now have access to.

You can switch between companies through Your Company dropdown in the image above.

The important point to be noted is: when you have join more than 1 company, and choose to switch your access to that company, all the access, application, and other things will follow that specific company.

Do not forget that you need to be granted access to the features on the new company (see Role Management)