Whatsapp Session Message

Reply to your customer with WhatsApp Session Message

WhatsApp Session Message are the messages you send after a customer reaches out to you and you want to reply. A 24-hour session window opens during which you can freely converse with the customer through the WhatsApp Business channel without being restricted to the use of pre-approved template messages. Every time the customer replies the session window refreshes and it resets for another 24 hours.

🎈WhatsApp Business Channel

WhatsApp Business Channel is the name or number that identifies the sender of a WhatsApp message that you see at the top of your phone message application. WhatsApp Business Channel is simply who are you get the message from.

Want to use your own WhatsApp Business Channel to test our service? Check WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) for more information.


Official Whatsapp Business Account

If you want to use Official WhatsApp Business Account (green tick beside Display Name), please fill in the "Enable Two Factor Verification" field with digits pin!

WhatsApp Business Channel can be used for WhatsApp OTP, WhatsApp Message & WhatsApp Session service so you only need to submit the form one time. Registration to Facebook usually takes about 2 weeks to be fully ready to use. Please make sure to fill the form correctly.


Sender ID Registration