Face Recognition

Verify your customer with our face recognition services.

Face services will allow you to enroll, verify, and compare human face from a photo to help your business KYC process.


Access Verihubs Dashboard, click on DEMO on the sidebar menu. You can easily try our face services just a click away.


Demo Page

To try DEMO you can follow these steps

  1. Select which Application Name you want to try the DEMO this on.
  2. Select which service you want to try in Service Name.
  3. You will be given a quota for each Application Name and Service Name to try the DEMO. Your quota shows here.
  4. Click on "Contact us" button when you feel like need more information about the service. It will redirect you to Verihubs Representative WhatsApp number.

The DEMO for each service will be explained below



Demo Enroll

Enroll is used to store the image you upload to the server. It can be used along with verify to see if the person on the enrolled image is the same as the person in the verify image.

  1. You can leave the Subject ID as is. Subject ID can be used to update the image in your database once you have the Subject ID from enrolling photo.
  2. Choose the image you want to enroll.
  3. Click on "Check" and the image will be recorded in the database along with the result.

Demo Enroll Result



Demo Verify

Verify is used to verify the image you upload with the enrolled image through the Subject ID. This will determine whether the image uploaded in the Verify is the same as the image registered in your database.

  1. Subject ID have to be filled with the Subject ID you receive from the Enroll.
  2. Select the image you want to verify.
  3. Click on "Check" and it will show the face similarity between the two images.

Demo Verify Result



Demo Compare

Compare is used to compare two images face. It is similar with Verify but instead of using Subject ID, it uses another image.

  1. Select an image for the Image.
  2. Select an image for Image 2.
  3. Click on "Check" and it will show the face similarity between the two images.

Demo Compare Result



Demo Liveness

Liveness is used to detect whether the image uploaded is a spoof or a real person.

  1. Select an image for the Image.
  2. Click on "Check" button to check the liveness of the photo selected. If the value is true it means that the face on the photo is a real person. But if the value is false it means that it is a spoof.

Demo Liveness Result



Demo Search

Search is used to search uploaded image to the images that have been enrolled.

  1. Select an image to be searched.
  2. Set number of result (1-10)
  3. Set threshold (default 82%)
  4. Click on "Check" button to search in enrolled images with the similarity within the set threshold.

Search Result


In SUMMARY you can see the total transaction of each face services which pass the entered threshold value. There is also a statistic from the transaction you've made for the service.

Transaction Summary

Summary Dashboard

You can see how many times the face services have been hit in the dashboard. It is represented as a line graph and you can hover on the graph to see the number.


TRANSACTION DETAILS shows detail of your transaction in the table form, which consists of your application ID, application name, date, endpoint name, service charged and transaction status. You can filter the data by :
Send date period (max selected date from 90 days ago), application name, endpoint name and service charged.

Transaction detail

Transaction detail