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Greetings from Verihubs!

You're on your way to have awesome verification services and data platform for your digital businesses. We believe here's some of the things you'll want to know about us.

In brief, Verihubs is a verification and authentication infrastructure for the internet. We provide the most complete verification and data platform for your digital businesses. Verihubs helps digital businesses in Indonesia authenticate their customers' identities, verify their customers' backgrounds, and access their customers' financial data. We serve One Platform for All Solutions. Stay on the same platform and make decisions faster by bringing all of data access and authentication into one place.

Verihubs Mission

To help everyone trust the internet. We believe trust is the fundamental to every online interaction. As the first YC-backed AI startup from Indonesia, we verify more than 6.000.000 verifications in a year across mobile apps and websites.

What We Have For You

A.I. Based Authentication
Verihubs deep learning technology reduce false negatives and retain customers by ensuring genuine users get through swiftly. Our services includes : Liveness Detection, Face Recognition, Face Search, Text Recognition.

SMS Authentication
Use our SMS API or Campaign Manager to send messages to all mobile phones globally. Verihubs’ comprehensive API and super network of direct operators makes it quick, easy, and secure.

WhatsApp Authentication
Authenticate your customers securely through the most popular messaging apps. By using Verihubs API, you can easily send and receive WhatsApp messages globally.

Identity Verification
We help digital businesses to verify the data of their customers with trusted and reliable local data sources, so that digital platform can have better decisions.

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