Profile Types, Crime Categories & Risk Level

🎈Profile Types

PEPA Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is an individual who holds a prominent public position or has held such a position in the recent past. This can include government officials, high-ranking military officers, heads of state-owned enterprises, and leaders of political parties.
RCARelative and Close Associates (RCA) refers to Individuals who are closely related to a Politically Exposed Person (PEP). This can include immediate family members, such as spouses, children, and parents, as well as individuals with close business or personal relationships with the PEP. These individuals are considered high-risk for involvement in money laundering or terrorist financing due to their association with the PEP.
SIPA Special Interest Person is an individual or entity that, while not necessarily a PEP, possesses a higher risk profile due to their involvement in industries or activities that are susceptible to money laundering or terrorist financing. These could include sectors like gambling, real estate, and non-profit organizations. SIPs are subject to closer scrutiny during AML/CFT procedures.
SanctionSanctions are punitive measures imposed by governments, international organizations, or regulatory bodies to deter and punish individuals, entities, or countries that have violated laws, regulations, or international agreements. Sanctions are typically imposed to address specific concerns, such as human rights abuses, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, or support for terrorism.
WatchlistA watchlist is a database maintained by financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and regulatory bodies to identify individuals, entities, or organizations that are suspected or confirmed to be involved in money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit activities. Watchlists are used to enhance due diligence and screening processes.
CrimeOther criminal categories other than those related to AML/CFT.

🎈Crime Categories

List of crime categories
["corruption", "terrorism", "gambling", "embezzlement", "fraud", "money-laundering", "human-trafficking",
"tax", "custom", "human-rights", "forgery", "foresty", "environmental", "money-counterfeiting", "currency",
"election", "banking", "excise", "firearm", "extortion", "immigration", "mining", "economy", "conservation",
"fence", "employment", "trade", "narcotic", "theft", "insult", "persecution", "murder", "perjury",
"pharmaceutical", "military", "cybercrime", "domestic-violence", "plantation", "pornography", "oil-gas",
"fishery", "consumer-protection", "cruise", "fiduciary", "copyright", "food", "decency", "negligence",
"destruction", "public-order", "traffic", "jinayah", "marriage-origin", "child", "broadcasting", "electricity",
"government", "trade", "education", "housing", "industry"]

🎈Risk Level

highIf match with one or more profiles related to Sanction, Watchlist, or SIP.
mediumIf match with one or more profiles related to PEP.
lowIf match with one or more profiles related to RCA.
unknownNo matching profiles.