Sidebar Menu

Navigate it simple

When you've logged in to Verihubs Dashboard, you will see a sidebar menu where you can navigate to the entire services you need. Here is some guides for the sidebar menu :


1DASHBOARDThis is where you can see the summary of VERIHUBS' services and get information of your daily usages.
2APPLICATIONThis is where you create Application ID and generate Application Key. Both are needed to use Verihubs services.
3-6SMSThis section consists of menu from our SMS Services, including: OTP, Announcement, Blocked Numbers, and Anomaly Report.
7FACEThis section consists of menu from our Face Services, both Face Recognition and Face Anti Spoofing (Passive Liveness).
8SCANThis section consists of menu from our OCR Services. Currently the OCR is available for Indonesian National ID Card.
9CALLThis section consists of menu from our Flashcall Services.
10-12DATAThis section consists of menu from our Data Verification Services, including: Electronic Certificate Issuance, Bank Check, and Company Check.
13- 17WHATSAPPThis section consists of menu from our Whatsapp Services, including: Managing Whatsapp, OTP, Message, Blocked Numbers, and Summary.
18FLOW BUILDERThis section consists of menu from VERIFLOW, which currently is integrated with Whatsapp Service.
19API DOCUMENTATIONThis menu will redirect you to Verihubs Documentation.

Note that some menu are available on each section:

  • DEMO
    You can try VERIHUBS' services under the submenu Demo.
    In the real world, some attempt could be disturbing sometimes. We do care for your concern, so we create a menu where you can submit spam or fraud suspected phone numbers to be automatically blocked when the number try to hit the service.
    You can find the list of your transactions here. This submenu represents your usage to VERIHUBS' services.