SMS Announcement

Send announcement message for your business through SMS

SMS Notifications and Promotions service will allow you to send SMS containing notification for you services or promotions for your business to all mobile phones globally.


Access Verihubs Dashboard, click on DEMO on sidebar menu. You can easily try to send SMS announcement just a click away.

You can send SMS in two ways : single SMS or bulk SMS.

You can use SINGLE SMS to send different message to different destination numbers.


Single SMS Demo

To try DEMO you can follow this steps :

  1. Select which Application Name you want to try this DEMO on. Make sure you have create one.
  2. You will be given a quota for each Application Name to try the DEMO. Your quota shows here.
  3. You can compose the SMS on the field. The SMS length will follow.
  4. Input the destination phone number.
  5. Click on "Make Demo SMS" button to send the SMS to the inputted destination number.

Example of SMS Notification received on mobile phone

BULK SMS is a way to send a same message to bulk numbers. You can list the numbers in .csv or .xlsx format. Easier way, you can just download the templates on the dashboard & follow the writing format.


Bulk SMS Demo


Verihubs provides you to send SMS Bulk via dashboard. Here are the steps :

  1. Click on the Bulk submenu
  2. Select application name that has already been on Production (Live) mode
  3. Create your message
  4. Upload a .csv or .xlsx file contains destination numbers. You can download the .xlsx template on the link provided on the dashboard.

Bulk SMS (Live)


In the summary page you can see the statistic you've made for the service.


The DASHBOARD serves you with statistic data in numbers and graphs. You can see these statistics in every services.



You can manipulate the statistic and graph by adding filter on the period. Statistic and donut graph show free range period filter. Line graph can only shows last 31 days or selected month.




TRANSACTION DETAILS shows every details of your transaction in table. You can filter the data by :
Period, Status, Application Name, Operator, and Phone Number. You can also export the data in spreadsheet (.xlsx or .csv).


Transaction Details


BLOCKED NUMBERS menu is for you who are often get disturbed with spams and frauds. Submit the number that suspected as spam or fraud and fill the description. Click on Submit Blocked Numbers, and every time the number requested and OTP or Notification and Promotion Message, it will be automatically blocked.


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