Tax Number Verification service allows you to check the status of the associated NPWP from the government database source. This service is the successor of Verihubs' NPWP Verification Service and consist of two different endpoints that allows you to flexibly choose to hit using Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK) or Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) separately based on your needs.

🎈What is Changing?

For current NPWP Verification Service user, you may be wondering what changes the Tax Number Verification Service brings. Here, we compiled the main changes that will help you to understand the difference between both services.

AspectWhat is New?
EndpointNew URL.
NIK Endpoint:
NPWP Endpoint:
Request ParameterWith each endpoints have specific purposes for each identifier (NIK/NPWP), you now only have to input the data and not have to choose the right parameter for each identifier anymore. Check Request & Response guide for more details.
Transaction Details InformationYou now able to get the information on which identifier you used during the transaction, the NIK or NPWP, via the Transaction Details menu in Client Dashboard Version 3. Check Transaction Details guide for more details.

🎈Abbreviation & Terms

NIKNomor Induk Kependudukan; Resident identity number that is unique or distinctive, singular and attached to a person who is registered as an Indonesian Resident.
NPWPNomor Pokok Wajib Pajak; The number given to the taxpayer as a means of tax administration which is used as a personal identification or identity of the taxpayer in exercising his rights and fulfilling his tax obligations.
WPWajib Pajak; Individuals or entities, including taxpayers, tax cutters, and tax collectors, who have tax rights and obligations in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations in the field of taxation.
Status WP AktifWajib Pajak has subjectively and objectively fulfilled the requisites in tax obligation fulfillment.
Status WP NENE = Non Efektif; Wajib Pajak has not subjectively and objectively fulfilled the requisites in tax obligation fulfillment.

This status may occur to one of following conditions:
1. Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi who carry out business activities or independent work who are no longer actually carrying out business activities or independent work.
2. Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi who do not carry out business or freelance activities and whose income is below Penghasilan Tidak Kena Pajak (PTKP).
3. Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi, as mentioned on point #2, that owning an NPWP as an administrative requirement, among other things, to apply a job position or to open a financial account.