Send a One Time Password within a single message

SMS OTP service will allow you to send a One Time Password within a single message to all mobile phones globally. Verihubs comprehensive API and super network of direct operators make it quick, easy, and secure.


What is Sender ID? Sender ID is the name or number that identifies the sender of an SMS message that you see at the top of your phone message application. Sender ID is simply whom you get the message from.

Want to use your own Sender ID to test our service? Click here

Sender ID can be used for both SMS OTP and SMS Announcement service so you only need to submit the form once. Registration to operators usually takes about 14 working days to be fully ready to use. Please make sure to fill the form correctly.


Sender ID example


Access Verihubs Dashboard, click on DEMO on sidebar menu. You can easily try to send SMS contains OTP just a click away.


Demo Page

To try DEMO you can follow this steps :

  1. Every DEMO will be given a quota. The quota will be shown on the upper left of your DEMO page.
  2. Select which Application Name you want to try this DEMO on. Make sure you have create one, tho.
  3. Input the destination phone number you want to try DEMO
  4. Select how long you want your OTP will be. The usual length is 4 to 6 digits number, but you can flexibly change the setting.
  5. Each SMS contains OTP will have an expiry time. Input the expiry time (in seconds) for your SMS OTP.
    When you have received the SMS, input the OTP within the expiry time or your OTP will be considered unverified.
  6. Here is where you compose your SMS. Make sure you add the variable $OTP on it to give place for the auto-generated OTP.
    Example : Your OTP code is $OTP. Never give the OTP code to anyone.
    Preview : Your OTP code is 1234. Never give the OTP code to anyone.
    Maximum character for SMS DEMO is 480 characters or 3 SMS segments.
  7. Click on "Make Demo OTP" button to send the SMS OTP to the inputted destination number.
    After you make demo OTP you will receive an SMS containing the auto-generated OTP. You can input the OTP to the fields highlighted to get verification.
  8. Input the OTP you received on the fields.
  9. Click on "Verify Now" to verify your OTP.


In the summary page you can do setting and see the statistic you've made for the service.

Manage Setting

You can manage the setting for your SMS OTP service, such as : Application Name, SMS OTP Length, Expired Time (in seconds), and composing template for your SMS containing $OTP.

After you click on "Save" button, the setting will be saved on your Application Name. So each time you use the service using the Application Name the setting will be attached.


SMS OTP Setting


The DASHBOARD serves you with statistic data in numbers and graphs. You can see these statistics in every services.


SMS OTP Summary

The statuses and the description




SMS OTP has been requested.


SMS OTP has been delivered to destination number. This status will be charged.


SMS OTP has been verified. This status will be charged.


SMS OTP has not been verified due to the time limit exceeded. This status will be charged.


Operator cannot send SMS OTP to destination number

Request Error

Verihubs cannot reach Operator


SMS OTP has not been delivered to destination number (response received from Operator). This status will be charged.

No Delivery Report

No Delivery Report received from Operator after certain period. This status will be charged.


Destination Number has been blocked by Verihubs's system


TRANSACTION DETAILS shows every details of your transaction in table. You can filter the data by :
Period, Status, Application Name, Operator, and Phone Number. You can also export the data in spreadsheet (.xlsx or .csv).


SMS OTP Transaction Details


BLOCKED NUMBERS menu is for you who are often get disturbed with spams and frauds. Submit the number that suspected as spam or fraud and fill the description. Click on Submit Blocked Numbers, and every time the number requested and OTP or Announcement Message, it will be automatically blocked.


SMS Blocked numbers

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