Credit Card


Verihubs enables businesses to accept payments using any credit card with VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, or BCA card logo. Installment options are also available for your customer to use.

Payment Limits

Minimum Amount is IDR 50,000 and the maximum amount usually depends on your customer's the card's limit.

Payment Availability

Credit Card payments are usually available throughout the day.

Payment Notifications

When a Credit Card payment is selected, the customer is required to make funds through a secure website to enter their credit card details. Once the payment is done, the we will send the payment notification to you.


    "channel": "bca",
    "transaction_amount": 12000,
    "expired_time": "2022-04-14T09:57:21.763344+07:00",
    "afterpayment_url": "",
    "description": "Order test"
    "bank": "bri",
    "va_name": "Kris",
    "transaction_amount": 21000,
    "expired_time": "2022-04-21 10:02:42.000+07:00",
    "va_number": "777001",
    "description": "hello dev"