Learn about the payment methods you can use to accept payments from your customers.

With our verification services powered by our API solution, it’s been our focus to provide one-stop solution for digital platform such as Fintechs and Marketplaces. This includes simplifying payment processes.

Benefits include:

  1. Enable wide range of payment methods.
  2. No need to open bank accounts across various banks.
  3. No need to connect directly to each e-wallet provider.
  4. Save time and effort of having to manually reconcile bank transfer payments

Here, you'll be able to learn the integration process to build payments into your platform.

Available Payment Methods

  • Virtual Bank Account: Do payments via bank transfer into virtual bank accounts.
  • Direct Debit: Use the bank's internet banking application or website to pay.
  • Credit Card: Enter customer's credit card information into a secure website to pay.
  • E-Wallet: Jump to an e-wallet to pay.

Looking for more payment methods? Let us know!

To learn more, take a look at the docs of each of the payment methods!