Verihubs' WhatsApp Migration

Verihubs Now Supports Meta's Embedded Sign Up Update

Meta's latest update have made the registration and onboarding to WhatsApp easier than ever!
It now takes only minutes to be able to onboard the WhatsApp APIs on Verihubs' Cloud Dashboard. For further information, click here to read Meta docs on Embedded Sign Up

With this update release, we also implements the "Shared Assets" Model that comes with the Embedded Signup. There are benefits that are also packed with the model over the conventional "On Behalf Of ( OBO )" Model.

With the Shared assets, you will have more access on Meta's Business Manager especially the WhatApp's section.

You will have the access to:

  • WABA's Template ( including appeal for rejection )
  • Phone Number Management ( including access to your certificate and messaging limits )
  • Seamless Meta's Rejection Reasoning

Furthermore, as Verihubs has officially become BSP, the feature synchronization with the Meta's Cloud APIs will be faster than ever!.

Best Regards,
Verihubs' WhatsApp Team